About Project

About the Wider Project

The Yukon Wanderers project was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Strategy Fund. It ran from 2019-2021. It provided training and capacity building in digital arts for two organizations in Whitehorse that support people with FASD: Options for Independence, and the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of the Yuko (FASSY). It included workshops held in Whitehorse by visiting artists Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart, resourcing the partners with new digital equipment, and building new kinds of training and support for staff and peer leaders. When COVID-19 happened, we had to find new remote ways to work together across a range of digital platforms. It is part of a Canada wide project called “multiPLAY: Digital Community Engagement with Canadian Improvisers”. Click here to check out all the different multiPLAY projects by visiting the multiPLAY website. The drop-in workshops, exhibitions and art workshops were also supported by other partners, including a national research partnership called the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI). Click here to find out more about IICSI’s improvisation art and research.

Lead Artists from the multiPLAY project

Michelle Stewart & Rebecca Caines (click here to learn more about their work)


Peer leaders Jessica McMurphy and Nicole Lamb, staff from OFI and FASSY, and the Yukon Wanderers group (made up of all the people who attended the monthly drop-in workshops).

About the Peer Leaders

Nicole Lamb

Hello my name is Nicole Lamb I’m an artist who live in Whitehorse Yukon. I enjoy taking long walks, and taking pictures and videos for the “Yukon Wanderers”. My work includes a short video project released in summer 2020 that was part of a group of project released in response to COVID- 19 and social isolation (video project)

Jessica McMurphy

Jessica McMurphy is an artist who lives in White Horse, Yukon. Jessica is a history buff and enjoys spending time with her family, taking photos. Jessica is a community volunteer and one of the local project facilitators for “Yukon Wanderers.”

More About the Project

This project (Yukon Wanderers) is about walking, community, and making art. A “wanderer” is a person who walks where they want to walk and doesn’t follow a map. A “wanderer” could be a person that is lost or a person that is looking for something. The project started as a way to think and talk about living in the Yukon. And a way to share people’s stories about their homes, nature, and how they feel. Participants work with artists and organizations to make their own art. At workshops, participants make art about walking using sound, photos, and maps. They have learned about how to record sounds, take photos, and use technology to make art. Artist and participants have made art to learn from each other, share stories and ideas, and to understand different life experiences. We have also learned more about how to start an art project,  and how to use different technologies.


Whitehorse, Yukon


Artists, community organizations, and people who would like to learn more about being an artist or about making art. People with disabilities like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Everyone works together to make art about “wanderers” and walking.

The goals of this project are:

  • To make art about “wanderers” and walking
  • To learn about making art
  • To learn from each other
  • To learn about walking, where we live, and nature
  • To create art using sound, photos, and maps
  • To share ideas about “wanderers”, walking, and life experiences
  • To share the art and ideas from the workshops with other people in March 2021

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